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Check Out The Latest Games and Apps for Augmented Reality!

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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
May 30, 2018


Check Out The Latest Games and Apps for Augmented Reality!

AR tech was first used in fighter pilot jets.

Projected images on the glass window panes of the jet were used to prevent pilots from getting distracted by flight instruments.

Augmented reality blends the virtual world into the natural world in such a way that only the user can see. It overlays your real world with

information instead of trying to immerse you in an entirely new one. Think ‘’Pokemon Go!”. AR technology and its applications have grown incredibly in the last decade. There are four primary ways to do this in real life.  Markerless-AR, marker-based AR, projection-based-AR and superimposition-based AR. This article will explain all four types as well as discuss some of the coolest apps and uses of AR to date!

Markerless AR:

Markerless AR is referred to as location-based or GPS reality. This form of AR utilises the widespread use of smartphones and their location features. You can use Markerless AR for mapping directions, finding nearby businesses and restaurants.

Marker Based AR:

Another name for marker-based AR is, ‘image recognition’. This kind of AR makes use of a unique visual object and a camera to scan it. The visual object can be in the form of a QR code or even special signs. The position and placing of the objects are measured after that content is placed over the marker.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality:

One of the most popular AR apps that have been launched in the past year include the likes of Apples, “The Hungry Caterpillar”, AR App which enables young children to augment their reality with one of their childhood favourites.

AR  doesn’t only cater for young kids, and you can even watch a T-Rex stomp around your local park.

Another great feature of Superimposition based-AR is that it can be used as a diagnostic tool in real life. Augmented reality can be used to add information to real-life scenes. An example below is a roadside assistance service which provides clients with information by relying on a database. In this way, roadside support is provided without having to be there physically.

Another example of this form of AR is the app that Ikea and Apple created together. Check out the video below which shows you the app that allows you to 3D model a piece of furniture in your own home before buying it. These unique markers do not need a lot of processing power to read.

Projection based augmented reality:

Projection based augmented reality works by projecting light onto surfaces. The application will sense the human interaction by focusing on the way humans disturb or interact with that light. Think of a keyboard projection made up of light that you type on. It senses the disruption of the light’s projection.

Projection based augmented reality is also able to utilise laser plasma technology to project a three-dimensional interactive model into mid-air. Projection AR has revolutionised the education field.

Augmented reality and its uses are growing at a phenomenal rate. The merger between the natural world and the virtual has exciting opportunities to improve the way we experience life, learning and the sharing of information.  If you enjoyed this article share it with your friends. Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook.

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