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7 Key industries affected by Artificial Intelligence

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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
September 21, 2018


7 Key industries affected by Artificial Intelligence

If you’re having visions of a post-apocalyptic robot takeover when you hear the word “AI” then firstly – we like the way you think- but this isn’t one of those blog posts, so you can put away your tin foil hats.  

Artificial Intelligence in basic terms, is the study of making it possible for machines to perceive, reason and enhance human productivity.

Today, the development of AI is growing at a rapid pace and it has become essential to our daily lives in unexpected ways. This blog post will walk you through seven key industries where AI is having a huge impact on our lives and production.

      1. Agriculture
        A company based in Cape Town called Aerobotics collects and processes data from farms relating to what is called ‘precision farming’.  This became an essential tool when attempting to produce significant crop yields from reduced water supply throughout the Western Cape water crisis.  A network was set up where all the machines on the farm were interconnected and utilized to ensure that data was gathered and shared among them. Data from soil moisture probes were used to determine the amount of moisture in the soil each hour of the day. Farmers could determine the exact amount of moisture needed and how much to irrigate at a time. This was essential in helping the farmers achieve sufficient food production with  only 50% of their previous water resources.
      2. Call Centers
        AI has the potential to make up for shortfalls in human capacity. This is evidenced in the advancements being made within call centres. A local company called Clevva found that their call centre operators took a long time to become competent resellers of their vast range of technical products. They also noted that the operators struggled with the highly technical nature of the inbound calls they received. In order to address these issues a navigator was built to help guide agents through any call. This navigator ensured that no matter who a client spoke to they would receive the same standard of technical knowledge and support, eliminating inconsistent customer service standards.
      3. Customer Experience
        It is now possible to provide customer service with Chatbots and virtual assistants. These chatbots eliminate frustrating delays and  decrease the number of errors. These AI systems free up employees to focus on more enhanced situations. Have a look at some of the cool work done by Conversica. The client is never aware that they are talking to a chatbot. The simulated responses appear to be from a real person which ensure a high engagement metric.  This technology enables companies to nurture more leads, as well as secure more quality leads for their salespersons to follow up on.
      4. Mining
        In the South African context a coal mine has trialed the use of self driving trucks. Miners require several hundred tons of materials to be transported at a mine site. Transportation of these materials has put the lives of these miners at risk. In order to combat this risk the use of autonomous vehicles have been investigated.  These automated vehicles also increase productivity within the mine. SAP is a great example.
      5. Healthcare
        When it comes to AI and healthcare the improvements toward services have been significant. Robots are able to analyze data from your pre-op medical records to guide a surgeons tools during surgery. This has decreased the recovery time by 21%. This technology has also assisted in reducing risk associated with surgery by up to 5%. The concept of virtual nurses who are able to monitor patients and provide feedback as well has been able to reduce unnecessary hospital visits. The potential for AI to improve our healthcare experience will continue to grow  as the technology is applied in new and relevant ways. For more information relating to AI in health care check out this article from healthcare ai: Health Care AI info.
      6. Manufacturing
        AI has become valuable in automating and streamlining entire manufacturing systems. Facial recognition software has been applied in a novel way in the production of potato chips.  Facial recognition was used to determine if potato chips were the perfect golden colour. Another interesting application of AI in manufacturing was the use of fraud detection software. Fraud detection software was used to flag customer orders outside of normal patterns, any deviation was used to quality check any  possible errors. The manufacturing industry has taken existing AI technologies and applied them in new ways to solve problems.
      7. Software Development
        Normally developers have to commit a lot of time toward determining what features are included in a product. AI that has been trained on business factors and past projects are able to significantly decrease the amount of time dedicated to this process. AI has also had an impact on cyber security. Essentially, AI has achieved the ability to note any irregular behaviour and  lesson the time that it takes for a system to detect a breach. AI can also automatically detect bugs and correct them.

In conclusion, AI continues to make significant enhancements to the production and efficiency of various industries. Machine learning can only continue to improve our experience as consumers and professionals alike. This blog has successfully walked you through some of the major AI developments of the past decade. If you enjoyed reading about these top seven AI developments share them with your friends. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our latest blog posts!

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